Watercolours, Acrylics, Oils



Art has many meanings or faces. I want to talk only about paintings, this is what I do, paint pictures. Something that fulfills me and makes me very happy and gives me peace.

When someone buys a painting it is usually a painting that fits into they home or a special place. It has not to be an original, a copy or print can easy replaced with something new and is inexpensive usually. But if you are interested in an original painting it is an investment and a love of art. Hopefully a lifetime or longer....

I had once an experience I will never forget as an artist . One of our members told me the story:

At one of our art shows a couple was looking at 2 of my paintings and 2 of someone else's. For over 1/2 hour going back and forth. On the end they bought the 2 paintings from the other artist. One of our members told me the story. She heart them saying: We love the other paintings (mine) but the once we bought have nicer frames. I hope they will love this paintings and enjoy them for a long time.

 A frame is always replaceable or to get rid of. And does not always fits the home it will hang in. 

Every artist who paints from they heart puts something special into a painting, a story or meaning. If you want to spent your money, have a good long look at the painting you want to buy and find that something in it, that little extra that connects you with this painting, fascinates you to the painting as it could be a VAN GOUGH. You will love this painting for a lifetime.

I don't paint a lot but everything I like. Everything that makes me happy. Best regards Rosemarie

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