Watercolours, Acrylics, Oils

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Breathtakingly beautiful paintings! Peggy’s Cove stirred up childhood memories. I could almost hear the waves crashing onto the rocks. Wonderful!
Elizabeth Cameron - 14 Oct 2017
I like your new paintings Rosemarie and will visit your two shows. Hope to see you soon for coffee klatch?
Cathy Black - 5 May 2016
Just simply excellent art!!! Congrats!!!
Ted Dionne - 4 Mar 2015
Hi Rosemarie - It was so delightful to meet you on the boardwalk and spend such a lovely time getting to know you. I admire your paintings here but am looking forward to seeing you in person at the upcoming show.
Catherine Black - 30 Aug 2014
Hi Rosemarie, your work is magnificent. Congratulations on your wonderful site. I hope to visit with you soon to gain some tips from you. learning some insight from some teachers. Just had a session with Marion Stevenson, a very successful watercolour artist who lives in our area. See you soon, Ted
Ted Dionne - 6 Apr 2014
Ich kann nur meine Bewunderung zum Ausdruck bringen. Für mich absolute Klasse.
Marlies Köhler - 25 Dec 2011
hallo rosemarie. herzlichen glueckwunsch zu deiner tollen website. es ist ein genuss, deine wunderschoenen bilder in ruhe anzusehen. einfach super.
rosemarie schepers - 5 Oct 2011
Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Deiner wirklich schönen und professionellen Website! Ich erfreue mich immer wieder an Deinen Bildern und wünsche Dir noch eine lange Schaffenskraft.
Anni Sartory - 14 Sep 2011
What a gift you have Rosemarie! Your art brings a feeling of peace and joy to me. Great website....wonderful way to share with others! Linda Lowery
Linda Lowery - 8 Sep 2011
Congratulations Rosie ! This is a wonderful selection of you're work. You are a true talent. I am looking forward to seeing new additions.
Ingrid Schmid - 30 Aug 2011
Very nice and of course I love your fine art! Congrats on creating your website!
Ted Dionne - 27 Aug 2011
Congratulations Rosemarie! Everything looks absolutely beautiful. All the best.
Kasey Holmer - 22 Aug 2011
Rosemarie, your site is wonderful! I love your selection of paintings you have shown here, but I love the ones on my living room wall even more!! Can't wait to get some new additions! Love, Linda August 22, 2011
Linda Dionne - 22 Aug 2011
Nicely done Rosemarie! Very professional site.
Carol Coupland - 19 Aug 2011
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